STIL med JonJon Towles

I denne motespalten snakker vi med kule folk om personlig stil og elementene som har vært med på å forme den.

STIL med JonJon Towles

La oss introdusere Jonathan «JonJon» Towles. Den stilige basketballentusiasten og småbarnsfaren fra New York forelsket seg i Bergen for lenge siden og har holdt seg her siden. Nylig flyttet han til Hop, hvor han har renovert en villa i nyklassisk stil fra tidlig 1900-tallet. Ser du JonJon på gaten kan du vedde på at det er i et nøye gjennomtenkt antrekk. Stilen hans, som har flere nikk til hiphop- og basketballkulturen, er både fargerik og gjennomført med innslag av unike hodeplagg, baggy bukser, svindyre chains og logoprints.

Han mener at selvtillit er den røde tråden som bærer et hvilket som helst antrekk, og oppfordrer derfor bergensere til å tørre enda litt mer i klesveien. I tillegg fikk vi lokket han til å dele noen bilder fra hjemmet sitt, som er alt annet enn et A4-hjem i Fana.

Hey JonJon! Hva skjer hos deg for tiden?

 – At the moment my mind has been occupied with crypto. During the bull runs I become much more aware of what is happening in the markets.

Produktiv som alltid, du. Hva gjør deg glad og inspirert for tiden, da?

 – I draw inspiration from the dynamic energy of city life, the mix of cultures, and the vibrant music scene. I also find it solemn in nature to keep it balanced.

Vi må snakke om stilen din. Jeg vet den vekker oppsikt i bergensgatene, hvordan vil du beskrive den?

 – My personal style exudes timeless sophistication and effortless cool. With three decades of being fly under my belt, I epitomize the essence of an O.G. My wardrobe is a curated collection of classic pieces infused with modern flair, reflecting my keen eye for fashion and confidence. Whether I’m rocking a tailored suit with impeccable details or effortlessly pulling off a laid-back streetwear look, I’ll always be stylish and comfortable in my own skin. My style is a reflection of my authenticity and individuality, setting trends rather than following them. I’m not just dressing well; I’m making a damn statement and leaving a lasting impression wherever I go.

Det svaret oser det selvtillit av også. Hva er de viktigste elementene som definerer stilen din?

 – My personal style is clearly influenced by my background and the cultural vibes of NYC in the 90s and 2000s. Here are some key elements that define my style:

Streetwear vibes: –  I embraced the streetwear aesthetic with ease, wearing clothes that reflect hip-hop and street culture. This could include baggy jeans, graphic tees, hoodie jackets, and sneakers.

Basketball inspiration:  – My love for basketball is evident in the choice of sporty attire. I was often seen wearing basketball jerseys, shorts, or sneakers, giving my style a dynamic and athletic edge.

Urban edge:  – With my roots in New York City, the style carries an urban edge. I like to incorporate elements from city life, such as graffiti-inspired patterns, street art references, or accessories that reflect the city's pulse.

Timeless elegance:   – While inspired by street culture, I still manage to incorporate timeless elements into my wardrobe. This could include well-tailored jackets, classic sneakers, and accessories that add a sophisticated touch to your style.

 – Overall, my personal style combines the best of both streetwear and urban chic, reflecting an unique narrative and lifestyle as a true OG from NYC.

Hvor finner du inspirasjon når du skal kle deg, da?

 – I draw inspiration primarily from within myself, crafting a style that is a true reflection of my identity and personality. While I'm not jacking anyone else's style, there are certainly external influences that have subtly shaped my aesthetic over the years. Growing up in NYC during the 90s and 2000s, I've been heavily influenced by the vibrant street culture, hip-hop music, and the energy of the city streets.

Det tror jeg ikke du er alene om. Hva er din filosofi når du skal sette sammen et antrekk? 

 – My philosophy when putting together an outfit is to trust my instincts and rely on visualizing the look well in advance. I believe that fashion is not just about following rules but about expressing oneself authentically. Before I even step into my closet, I often have a clear vision of the outfit I want to wear, sometimes days in advance. I'll visualize how different pieces will come together, considering factors like color, texture, and proportion. This process allows me to experiment with different combinations in my mind until I find the perfect ensemble that resonates with my mood and personality. While I don't adhere to strict rules, I do have a few basic principles that guide me, such as ensuring comfort, confidence, and cohesion in the overall look. Ultimately, my goal is to create outfits that not only look good but also make me feel empowered and authentic.

Kan du nevne noen av dine favorittplagg eller accessories som du føler representerer deg på ditt beste?

 – Some of my favorite accessories that I feel truly represent my style at its best include my watch and cuban link chain. These timeless pieces not only add a touch of luxury but also exude confidence and refinement. I love to complement them with a stack of beads on my wrist, adding a hint of individuality and cultural influence to my ensemble. Additionally, I'm a big fan of stylish custom or exclusive rings, which serve as conversation starters and statement pieces. They reflect my appreciation for craftsmanship and attention to detail. And of course, no outfit is complete without a hat of some sorts. Whether it's a classic Celine bucket, a Loewe snapback, or a stylish beanie, a hat adds that final touch of flair and brings the whole look to life. For me, accessorizing is about more than just adding finishing touches—it's about expressing my personality and elevating my style to the next level.

Snart kan du ta patent på den bøttehatten fra Celine. Hvordan balanserer du komfort og stil i dine daglige antrekk?

 – Balancing comfort and style in my daily outfits is essential to me, and I prioritize both comfort and confidence above all else. I define my own dress code, ensuring that every outfit I choose allows me to feel comfortable while also exuding the style and confidence that define my personal aesthetic. I believe that when you're comfortable in what you wear, it reflects in your demeanor and overall presence.

 –  That being said, there are times when I may need to prioritize style over absolute comfort, such as when I have to dress the part or exceed expectations for a particular event or occasion. However, I always strive to find a balance that allows me to maintain comfort while still looking the part. The only exception might be when I have to endure wearing hard-bottom shoes for an extended period. After all, comfort and confidence are the ultimate keys to rocking any outfit with flair and grace.

Hva er din holdning til bærekraftig mote og miljøvennlige valg når det kommer til klær?

 – While I may not be a dependable advocate for sustainable fashion across the board, I do have certain preferences and beliefs when it comes to clothing choices. I prioritize natural fabrics like cotton, wool, linen, and silk in my wardrobe, as I believe they not only feel comfortable but also have a lower environmental impact compared to synthetic materials. Additionally, I support the idea of recycling clothes through vintage or repurposing materials, as it gives garments a new lease on life and reduces waste.

 – However, I do harbor concerns about synthetic fabrics and their potential impact on human health and the environment. Many synthetic materials are derived from petrochemicals and can release harmful substances during production and disposal. As such, I tend to steer clear of synthetic fabrics as much as possible, opting instead for natural alternatives.

Farger er et viktig element i stilen og interiøret til Jon.

 – Overall, while I may not actively seek out sustainable fashion options, I do believe in making conscious choices when it comes to clothing and supporting practices that minimize harm to both people and the planet.

Hvilke merker eller designere er blant dine favoritter?

 – Currently, some of my favorite brands and designers include Zara for its trendy and affordable pieces that allow me to experiment with different styles without breaking the bank. I'm also drawn to the Louis Vuitton - Virgil Collections for their innovative designs that seamlessly blend streetwear influences with high fashion.

 – Celine is another brand I admire for its minimalist yet sophisticated aesthetic, while Dior never fails to impress with its timeless elegance and attention to detail. And of course, Balenciaga catches my eye with its avant-garde and boundary-pushing designs that add an element of excitement to my wardrobe. However, I´m still giving Balenciaga “the side eye” for the recent events that has occurred, and I find myself looking for alternatives in other brands,

 – Each of these brands brings something unique to the table, whether it's cutting-edge designs, impeccable craftsmanship, or a strong brand identity. As someone who appreciates both style and substance in fashion, I find myself gravitating towards these labels for their ability to capture the essence of contemporary fashion while pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Hva er dine beste tips for å få et antrekk til å se unikt ut og skille seg ut fra mengden?

 – At this point most fashion folks will just say “Be yourself”. Bullshit and lazy answer. I will say trusting in your instincts and embracing bold choices are key to creating a standout and unique outfit. Here are some additional tips to help you stand out from the crowd: 

– Mix and match: Experiment with unexpected combinations of textures, patterns, and styles. Pairing contrasting elements can create an eye-catching look that's all your own.

 – Accessorize creatively: Accessories are your secret weapon for adding personality to your outfit. Opt for statement pieces like colorful scarves, bold jewellery, or unique hats to elevate your look.

 – Play with proportions: Break away from traditional silhouettes and play with proportions. Try oversized pieces with fitted ones or vice versa to create visual interest and a sense of drama.

 – Express yourself with color: Don't shy away from vibrant hues and bold color combinations. Color can instantly transform an outfit and make a powerful statement.

 – Customize and personalize: Add your own personal touch to your clothing through customization or DIY techniques. Whether it's adding patches, embroidery, or unique embellishments, make your clothes truly one-of-a-kind.

 – Confidence is key: Ultimately, the most important accessory you can wear is confidence. Own your look and wear it with pride, and you'll naturally stand out from the crowd.

Hvordan har din stil utviklet seg over tid, og hva tror du har påvirket denne

 – Over the years, my style has undergone a constant evolution, reflecting my growth as an individual and my changing tastes and preferences. I've always been open to exploring new trends and experimenting with different looks, and I believe this willingness to embrace change has been a driving force in my style journey.

 – While I don't want to be confined to a particular era of fashion, I've found myself gravitating towards pieces that have a timeless quality and can transcend trends and eras. Investing in classic staples allows me to build a versatile wardrobe that remains relevant year after year, while still leaving room for creative expression and experimentation.

– Age has also played a significant role in shaping my fashion development. As I've grown older, I've become more confident in my personal style and less swayed by fleeting trends. This confidence has empowered me to shop for pieces that truly resonate with me, rather than feeling pressured to follow the crowd.

 – Overall, my style evolution has been influenced by a combination of factors, including my openness to change, my preference for timeless pieces, and my growing sense of confidence and self-assurance as I've matured. And while my style may continue to evolve in the years to come, one thing remains constant: my commitment to expressing myself authentically through fashion.

Hvordan kommer din stil til syne i interiøret ditt?

– In my home, our personal style is evident in every detail, from the classic villa architecture to the meticulously curated color palette in each room. When we moved in, the interior was mostly painted white from floor to ceiling. It was a clear canvas and unused potential. By adding colors that harmonize seamlessly with a vision for every single room and as a whole. Creating a sense of cohesion and balance throughout the space.

Hjemmet på Hop har ulike fargepaletter i hvert rom.

 – One of the key elements that reflect my style is the presence of modern art pieces that speak to our cultural interests and passions. The walls adorned with paintings and artwork not only add visual interest but also serve as a reflection of our identity and values.

 – When it comes to furniture, we've opted for a mix of modern pieces with a classic twist. Our furniture combines sleek lines and contemporary designs with timeless elements, creating a sophisticated yet inviting atmosphere. Each piece is carefully selected to enhance both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of our home.

 – Overall, our interior style is a reflection of our personal tastes and preferences, blending classic elegance with updated aesthetics to create a space that is both stylish and welcoming.

Matlaging er en av lidenskapene til Jon og familien. Her samler de ofte venner og kjente til store festmåltider.

Hvem følger du på instagram for å holde deg inspirert på klesfronten?

 – I find inspiration on the fashion front by following a couple of Instagram accounts that offer a diverse perspective on style. Two of my favorites are @thepeoplegallery_ and @roguegarms. These pages curate a blend of content featuring both regular people and industry insiders who are passionate about fashion.

 – I appreciate seeing how everyday individuals interpret fashion and trends in their own unique way, as well as gaining insights from industry professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. It's always interesting to observe the diverse reactions and responses to different styles and trends, and these accounts offer a refreshing mix of perspectives.

 – By following accounts like these, I'm able to stay informed about the latest happenings in the fashion world while also gaining inspiration from the creativity and individuality of fellow fashion enthusiasts. It's a fun and engaging way to keep my finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving fashion landscape.

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